Alien XL Range: Extra Strength, Extra Comfort, Extra Support

Alien XL Range: Extra Strength, Extra Comfort, Extra Support
January 15 2017 ZQRacing

It’s no secret that bad posture can have a detrimental impact on your physical health.

In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that 70-90% of Australians suffer from bad back pain, mostly due to poor posture!

But it doesn’t stop there — several studies have also found a number of negative mental impacts associated with slouching. The studies suggest that the discomfort or pain caused by slouching can lead to mood swings, stress and your brain’s ability to function to its full potential. Definitely not something you want while trying to up your kill ratio during a PvP, right?

A simple solution for your poor posture problem is to purchase a high-quality chair that won’t allow you to slouch. However, finding one that ticks all of the boxes can prove a difficult task for taller, broader and heavier people… which is why we created the Alien XL Series!

Your very own “Alien Throne”

Like a king’s throne, except far more modern and sleek. Our Alien XL series have been designed with extra high and wide backrests, deeper seat bases and reclining bolsters to allow for ample upper leg space. They have articulated arm rests, which are proven to help reduce pain in the thoracic back and shoulders.

Complete stability

There’s nothing worse than feeling unstable on a chair you’re going to be sitting on all day long. Let alone tipping off your chair if you lean slightly to the side or back. The XL chairs are constructed with a unique tubular steel frame and five arm star base to ensure complete stability. They allow you to recline as much as you like so you can kick back, relax and guide your team to victory!

The XL’s gas strut is also rated for up to 150 kg, which is 50 kg more than most chairs.

Built to last

Not only do you want a chair that will hold your weight, but you also want one that will last you through the most intense battles. The XL series are built using high quality and durable PU leather that withstands all kinds of rough play.

One sleek design, three bold colours

Our Alien XL chairs come in a choice of three popular colour combos – blue/black, green/black or red/black.

Alien XL Series chair (blue) Alien XL Series chair (green) Alien XL Series chair (red)

ZQRacing is Australia’s leading manufacturer of high-quality gaming chairs, providing the ultimate solution for gamers who take their game seriously. To learn more, check out our products or get in touch.


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