Be the Hero You've Always Wanted to Be

Be the Hero You’ve Always Wanted to Be
November 23 2017 ZQRacing

Have you always wanted to be able to lift trucks like Superman? Implement creative genius like Iron Man? Or kick some major ass like Wonder Woman? Now’s your chance. Because ZQRacing’s Hero Series of superior gaming chairs makes this possible.


What’s so good about being a Hero?

Where should we start?! We know that with great power, comes great responsibility, but it also comes with superior strength, agility, cunning and sometimes even telekinesis! You can begin your transformation into a Superhero with one of our Hero chairs. We’ll talk you through how this metamorphosis occurs.



Accomplishing stability.

First, thing’s first, you need to harness your powers to achieve stability. Our Hero chairs have an 85 to 165-degree adjustable backrest reclining range which can be locked at any angle in between. The seat base also incorporates a rocking function, meaning that no matter how violently you need to throw your body around to dodge disaster, leap towards a reward or throw a punch, you won’t experience any tipping.


Finding a side-kick for support.

Every superhero needs a trusty sidekick. In this case, we’re talking about your armrests and neck and lumbar cushions. The Hero chair is stuffed with supportive padding to provide your spine, neck and shoulders with superior support. It also includes soft, ergonomic armrests which can be lowered or heightened within a range of 70mm’s.


Achieving lift-off.

Now it’s time to learn how to fly. Or levitate. Whichever your range of superhero abilities lets you accomplish. In this case, you’ll be achieving this superpower with a class 4 hydraulic lift. With the duo function leaver, you can pull up to adjust your seat height, and pull out to tilt the base. There’ll be no jolting movements during adjustment, either, it’s all smooth sailing!


Working on your stealth.

Superheros need to be sneaky if they want to hide their true identities. How do you think Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne managed to lead ‘normal’ lives in their downtime for so long? They knew how to be stealthy. This will be easy for you with the Hero chair’s five-star wheel-base and heavy duty PU wheels. You’ll be rolling quietly wherever you go, meaning you don’t have to worry about waking the whole household when Coulson calls you in for a mission!



Getting the costume right.

What’s a superhero without their getup? It needs to be flashy, recognisable, practical and most of all, it needs to reflect you. In the words of Edna Mode, we have adhered to a strictly “NO CAPES!” policy when designing our chairs. Why, you ask?

But the Hero series incorporates the best of superhero costume design. They’re constructed from high-quality and durable vegan PU leather fabric and carbon pattern vinyl. This means that they’ll withstand any spills or abrasives that get thrown their way. They’re shiny and incorporate air holes for ventilation (we know that being a superhero is sweaty work). And they come in two classic hero uniform colour combinations – red/white/black and blue/white/black. The choice is yours.


So what are you waiting for? Let the hero transformation begin!


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