Why it's Best to Buy Local Gaming & Office Chairs

Why it’s Best To Buy Local Gaming & Office Chairs
September 11 2017 ZQRacing

Buying local comes with a lot of perks.

It’s convenient, you often get your shiny new product straight away, and sometimes merchants will even throw in free shipping, too! Here at ZQRacing, we’re big on supporting our local customers and like to offer a few sneaky little bonuses for those who call Australia home.

Fast ‘n’ Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to all major areas in Australia when purchasing a ZQRacing chair. We also understand that you want your new chair ASAP because, let’s be honest, your old one was probably not the best. We use trusted, fast couriers to deliver our stock so most orders reach their destination in just 2-3 business days. None of this waiting for weeks (or even months) for much-anticipated products to arrive from overseas!

It’s not just our chairs that we offer free shipping on, either. Looking for a sweet set of matching wheels for your chair? A vinyl mat for optimum slide and tilt? Free shipping applies to all orders over $99! And any accessories purchased under $99 will guarantee a flat shipping rate of $8.99. Basically, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your chair and accessories quickly – without breaking the bank.


Quality products come with a price tag but are worth every penny! ZQRacing chairs are an investment that will see you through years of quests, shoot-outs, team huddles and all-nighters. The perks of AfterPay? You no longer have to spend years saving your dollars to get the final product.

AfterPay splits the cost of your chair into four easy-to-manage instalments. These are withdrawn from your bank account fortnightly until your purchase has been paid off. The best part? Once you’ve paid your first quarter of the total price, it’s processed to be shipped straight to your door! Voilà! Instantaneous chair!

Convenient Repairs

Anyone who has bought a product from overseas knows how long the wait can be for repairs to be carried out if the supplier operates solely offshore. Even some Australian brands who import stock from overseas suppliers can face issues here. You could be waiting months for your chair to get back to you, and trying to take a castle from the low ground (a cushion on the floor) isn’t ideal.

Having all of the necessary means to carry out repair jobs from our local Brisbane warehouse means we’re able to get your chair back to you faster than you could defeat Mysterio in Spider Man 2.

Lifetime Support

The steel frame structure of ZQRacing chairs also comes with a lifetime warranty. We’re more than happy to replace faulty parts upon proof of purchase and photographic evidence of the fault in question. We also offer lifetime support for our customers, should things get a little too heated during combat and damage be done to your vessel, which isn’t covered by warranty. To find out what is and isn’t covered by warranty, please see here. We want you to get the most out of your chair, which is why we offer fast repairs and replacements – to ensure you do!

Want to take full advantage of buying local? Shop racing chairs and accessories at our online store today!


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