How to Design the Ultimate Gaming Setup

How to Design the Ultimate Gaming Setup
November 29 2016 ZQRacing

Want to transform your room into the ultimate gaming dungeon? You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment to do so! There are a few simple ways to create the perfect hideaway for all your gaming needs.

We’ve created a list of essentials to get you started.

1. A Sturdy Desk

First things first – choosing a desk of appropriate height, size and durability. We’d usually say ‘the bigger, the better’ but of course, you need to take into consideration the space constraints and shape of your room. Corner desks are an attractive choice as they fit nicely in any sized room.

Top tip: remove any unnecessary clutter or junk to allow optimal movement and minimal distractions.



the-best-gaming-desks-1024x560Photo source: High Ground Gaming

2. Good Room Lighting

Most gamers just switch their lights off to create an atmospheric vibe while playing, but we hate to break it to you – this is horrible for your eyesight and brain functionality. Your eyes having to adjust to the flickering of lights on your screen constantly puts a strain on your brain and can cause headaches and nausea.

Adding a few coloured LEDs to your desk setup will help prevent this strain and make your room look fully sick while doing so.

3. The Perfect Chair

A comfortable and supportive chair is crucial for gamers to maintain good posture, particularly when gaming for extended periods of time. Back and neck support is a key factor, as is the height and armrest width. Of course, if you can find one that ticks all of these boxes AND looks sleek and stylish, you should go for it.


4. Monitors

Possibly the most important choice of all.

Monitor preferences will differ depending on how many you want and how much you are willing to spend, however with the extensive variety out there you sure won’t be limited to options.

While a fast, well-connected display is the general consensus, there are a lot of other aspects you should take into consideration. Panel resolution and technology, pixel response and refresh rate and a variety of inputs (video, USB, speaker system) are all things that can make or break your gaming experience. Chat to a professional for advice before buying.

5. Keyboard & Mouse

“A premium keyboard can be the difference between winning or losing a championship” – Jos “Liquid`Ret” De Kroon, Pro-Gamer with Team Liquid.

Regardless of which brand you decide on, your keyboard and mouse should be versatile, fast and reliable. It’s worth spending a bit extra on a mouse with a super quick click speed or a keyboard that won’t fall to pieces if you lose a battle and feel like taking it out on the keys.

If you’re feeling fancy, there’s plenty of crazy patterned mice and keyboards with LED lights behind the keys out there.




6. Speakers

It’s all about the surround sound, man. General rule: the louder they go, the better. Finding speakers with magnetic shielding will assist in minimising distortion and limiting interference.

Just remember you need to be looking for speakers that are compatible with your PC body and monitors.

7. Headsets

If you’re a fan of multi-player mode (or live with non-gamer housemates who don’t understand the dire necessity of full volume), a good headset is what you need.

Using a headset with high-quality inbuilt speakers will change your experience from feeling like you’re playing the game to feeling like you’re living the game.

A good quality microphone should also be a key factor so that you can chat to your competitors without interference or interruption.




8. Other gaming equipment

For all you advanced gamers – there are an abundance of smaller bits and pieces (gloves, glasses, etc.) that will give your ultimate gaming setup an extra touch of superiority!

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