How to Have the Ultimate LAN Party

How to Host the Ultimate LAN Party
March 3 2017 ZQRacing

Thinking about hosting a LAN party with your mates, and mates of mates? We’ve got you covered on everything you’ll need to organise to ensure the event is a success.


1. Create the ultimate setup.

First things first – your setup. It’s gotta be good. Make sure there’s enough room for everyone to fit around a big ol’ table without bumping elbows every time they go in for a kill shot, and you’re all set. If you wanna get a bit fancy, set some mood lighting by planting a few coloured LEDs around the room.

2. Gather the goods (aka equipment).

If you’ve got a decent amount of people coming over, you’re gonna need a decent amount of keyboards, mouse mats, gaming chairs, headsets and monitors. Generally your mates will bring their own equipment but it’s best to have a few spares just in case (there’s always that one guy…).

You’ll also want to make sure your router has enough network ports (most only have 4) to support the whole fam. You can find cheap 48-port switches online, so have a troll through eBay and order one to get to your house in plenty of time before the big event.

You could also stock up on pro gaming mouse pads to really impress the crew.

3. Make sure your chairs are supportive.

Hosting a LAN party means sitting for an extended amount of time. Now, we don’t want to sound like your mum but we do want you to be able to stand at the end of the session. Which is why you need to make sure your (and your mates’) chairs are supportive enough. Get yourself a chair that supports your full body by ensuring good posture is maintained throughout the whole session.

4. Pack up the snacks.

You don’t want to get hungry mid shoot-out, do you? Organising a bunch of snacks pre-party is the only way to avoid this. Chips, lollies, muesli bars, roast turkey – whatever you think will give you the most energy and keep your kill rates high. Grab some bowls and plonk ‘em in the middle of the table so everyone can reach without having to pause the game (nobody wants to be that guy).

5. Keep up your hydration levels.

Again, we’re not trying to sound like your mother; we just want you to perform at your absolute best. Sticking a water bottle beside your chair (or wherever is in arm’s reach) will help you to do so. H20 will keep you hydrated and energised.

Obviously there are other crucial considerations involved, such as choosing the right games (and the right friends to play them with), however we think these are the main points to remember. Happy LAN partying!

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