How to Survive a 48-Hour Gaming Sesh

How to Survive a 48-Hour Gaming Sesh
November 21 2017 ZQRacing

Preparing for a 48-hour gaming sesh can feel a little like psyching yourself up to get the one ring across Middle Earth. But everything will be smooth running if you get all your stuff in order before you begin your quest (unlike Frodo).

We’ve got five of the best tips on how to undertake a mammoth gaming session and come out the other side alive.


1. Rest up (pre-gaming sesh)

You’re going to need your strength and your wits about you before you hit a session of this size. We know it’s difficult, but try to limit the amount of time you spend staring at a screen in the 12-hour lead-up. You don’t want those classic ‘square eyes’ that your Grandma warned you about, making you lose concentration during an epic battle. Fit in some decent Zzzz’s too, so you’re fresh, alert and ready come game time!


2. Plan your meals (pre-gaming sesh)

It’s a well-known fact that a gamer on a rampage needs energy. Both the type that appears as bars on your screen and the kind that goes into your body. Have your meals sorted before you begin, so you’re not wasting precious time adding extras onto your pizza delivery order. Reheated leftovers are quick, as are microwave meals. But we all know that UberEats is your best friend. Just hit ‘place order’ on your favourites and tell the delivery guy to pop your package right on your desk!


3. Stretch it out (during gaming sesh)

Just like on a long haul flight, you need to get up and walk around every now and then to keep the circulation pumping and any soreness or stiffness at bay. Do some jumping jacks, stretches and wrist rolls to keep everything in working order and come back to your seat in top shape. And remember to take bathroom breaks!


4. Hydrate (during gaming sesh)

So we know energy drinks, soda and coffee are all going to be on the cards, but it’s important to make sure you alternate these with plenty of water otherwise you’ll just end up dehydrated. If you’re worried about making too many trips to the kitchen, you could always try one of these ridiculous, but useful hats.

Drinking Helmet Beer Hard Hat Can Drink Holder | ebay


5. Get comfy (an essential in any gaming sesh!)

Your chair is your gaming vehicle. It needs to be comfortable and able to withstand constant action without tipping. If you don’t think your chair is going to face up to the battle, it might be time to order a new one that will. Remember, this is where you’ll be parked for 48 HOURS straight! It needs to support you, both physically and mentally, throughout your mission.

ZQRacing knows the difference between semi-comfortable and extreme comfort. Our chairs are designed with a strong focus on ergonomics, as well as aesthetics. So you get to look awesome while you’re supporting your whole body! Check out some of our newest styles below.


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