Are You An Office Worker Who Suffers From Back Pain?

Are You An Office Worker Who Suffers From Back Pain?
July 10 2017 ZQRacing

If you are an office worker who suffers from continual back pain, you’re certainly not alone.

Studies show that back pain is most common amongst people who sit for long periods of time, and this is particularly true of office workers who may spend up to 8 hours a day (or longer) at their desks.

While the perils of sitting for a living have been more in the news lately, the fact remains that the human body isn’t designed to be in one position for long periods of time. Even the ‘solution’ of standing desks can bring about its own set of problems.

Do you often feel discomfort in your lower back?

If the answer is yes, and your job requires you to sit at a desk for long periods, then you’re likely to be experiencing the beginning of a back problem. Back muscles tense up when they need to support the rest of the body for too long, which is when you start to feel pain in the lower back and hip area.

If you experience any tension or sudden pain when you abruptly change position then this could be an indication of a back problem too. These symptoms suggest that you’re sitting for too long in one position and you need to incorporate more movement into your day.

What’s your office setup like?

If you’re experiencing any form of back pain, you need to adjust your desk setup. Firstly, look at your chair-to-desk height proportions. If your desk is too high for your chair you will be placing unnecessary strain on your back. You should be able to reach your keyboard with your forearms at a 90-degree angle and your thighs should be level. Next, check your monitor height, you should be able to see your screen naturally without having to peer or hunch forward.

The only logical solution = a quality ergonomic chair.

The best way to combat this and prevent back injury later on in life is to have a quality, ergonomic, supportive chair. A chair that keeps your back straight, your arms and legs at the correct height and your neck and shoulders supported with lumbar cushioning. A chair with optimum high-density mould shaping foam padding, to fit all body types and sizes. A chair that feels comfortable to sit in for hours on end. A chair like our new premium ergonomic office series.


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