ZQRacing Hyper Sport Series Gaming Office Chair-Black/Blue

ZQRacing Hyper Sport Series Gaming Office Chair-Black/Blue

ZQRacing Hyper Sport Series Gaming Office Chair-Black/Blue


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Hyper Sport Series is big on comfort, featuring extra thick padding on side and seat bolsters to make it easier for your back to endure hours of sitting. UV coated Aluminium alloy Star Base offers styling and ultimate sitting experience.

Integrated with racing car seat technology, ZQRacing chairs are designed and made with clear focus on ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality perfection. They are designed to relieve and reduce physical and repetitive stress, providing exceptional spine and body support during your toughest task.

Neck & Lumbar Cushions Included.

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  • Overall:   63 cm (L) x 74 cm (W) x 121-130 cm (H)
  • Total Height (with base):                            121-130 cm
  • Sitting Height:                                              44-53 cm
  • Width Backrest(Shoulder Level):            58 cm
  • Width Backrest(Waist Level):                   54 cm
  • Length Backrest:                                          92 cm
  • Backrest Adjustable(Recline):                  Yes, 85-160 degree
  • Width Seating Area(Total):                        58 cm
  • Width Seating Area(Point of Contact):  40 cm
  • Depth Seating Area( Total):                        56 cm
  • Depth Seating Area(Point of Contact):   51 cm
  • Width Armrest:                                                9.5 cm
  • Length Armrest:                                              25 cm
  • Armrest Adjustable:                                      Yes, 3 Dimension
  • Armrest Height Adjustable:                        29-36 cm
  • Rocking Mechanism:                                     12 degree Max, Resilience Tension adjustable
  • Constructed from high quality and durable Vegan PU Leather
  • Premium Class 4 Hydraulic Lift
  • Inspired by car sport seat designs
  • Unique Internal frame work, tubular steel frame plus high density mould shaping foam padding to offer greater design flexibility and comfort
  • Upgraded UV Coated Aluminium alloy wheel base with durability and style
  • Full recline and height adjustable
  • Recommended for gamers and office workers to reduce risks of seating related health issues
  • Head & Neck Pillow and Lumbar Support Cushion for Extra Comfort
  • Adjustable armrests with soft padding
  • Two Years Warranty on Whole Chair and Lifetime Warranty on Structure (Metal Framework)
  • Express Service(Guaranteed Next Day Response) and Lifetime Parts Support
Assembly Required? Yes, about 15 mins
Recommended weight limit (kg) 150 Kg

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 71 × 38 in


  1. I picked up the Hyper Sport II chair after PAX2016 and this chair is amazing. What you can’t see from the photos, and isn’t mentioned in the description is that unlike most chairs which have a seat pad sitting on a hard layer of plastic or plywood, this seat pad is on sprung material/elastic straps, similar to high end couches making it more giving. I spent a full day sat in it last week (working from home) and stayed comfortable all day, no numb bum or dead legs. The headrest is high enough that it actually reaches my head (a first in a chair for me, I’m 6’1″/183cm tall, if you’re much taller than that though, it’s not going to be high enough for you). I did have to remove the “head cushion” though as it’s at neck height for me and messed with my posture. The adjustable arm rests swivel as well as slide back so I’m able to twist the rear ends in to support my elbows in the right location unless I recline the seat back too far (it goes all the way back.
    The lumbar support cushion is a little thick for my comfort, it would be great if the cushion had layers that could be peeled off or something. But having said that. I have a bad back and even after a day sitting on this with the cushion, I wasn’t suffering, so perhaps this cushion is actually perfect and it’s just my decrepit spine that’s the problem and I just need to adjust to it (which I am doing).
    There’s not a huge amount of height adjustment in the seat, I’ve got it at it’s highest point and it’s just right for me (90 degrees at the knee, for proper ergonomic adjustment) so again, taller people might find it a little short, but then, if you had it much higher, you’d have trouble finding a desk high enough.
    The chair is incredibly well made, far more sturdy in construction than anything I’ve seen in places like Officeworks and Harvey Norman etc. The only flaw I could see is that I couldn’t get the plastic side panels to fit onto the sides of the back rest because the padding got in the way. This hasn’t bothered me though as I kind of like the industrial look of the metal and bolts. Now that I’ve actually used it for a while I’d say it is probably worth the rather high price point, so if you can afford to drop $500 on a chair, go for it, you won’t be disappointed.
    In terms of service, there was a small hiccup in getting the chair (if you were at that PAX pickup on the Sunday night, you’ll totally understand how that could happen and I ended up with the wrong chair) and the staff were completely courteous and helpful in sorting that out, so they get a huge thumbs up from me on that front (really the only way to rate customer service is by having something go wrong and seeing how they fix it, they responded to my e-mail at 11:30 at night after spending the evening taking their stall apart I’m sure so that’s outstanding customer service).

  2. I feel there’s not enough reviews on this site for a quality Australian Product, so feel I should contribute. I had been researching chairs for a few days when I came across ZQ. Some other websites aren’t as informative about the materials being used in the build and knowing you’re paying a little extra for quality then you’re standard office/gaming chair, you want to know what you’re getting for the price. This was not the case here but after over analysing I still had some questions so placed a call. I wanted the Hypersport and was a little worried about the 40cm width on seat base. I am about 183cm tall. I was advised it flares out but still invited to come to showroom and check it out. (I’m in Brisbane) when I went to see the chair, I was surprised to see it was at least 25% larger than I had imagined. Customer service is great too. Even though busy, very casual attitude and I could test all of the chairs and we sat down, and I had every question I could think of answered easily and professionally. After trying the chair, I did not need to go home and think about it, so drove away after purchasing. I had poor posture in my previous chairs, kept crossing legs, moving them around to get comfortable all the time instead of feet on floor. I’m not finding any need to do that with this chair. The 4d Arm rests alone give multiple ways to work at your desk. I like the lumbar support too. Being able to properly lean back in the chair makes it relaxing while also giving proper ergonomic support. You can see the quality in the chair in any case, the one I had was largely already put together out of the box too so took next to no time to assemble.

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