Things to Consider When You're Buying a Gaming Chair

Things to Consider When You’re Buying a Gaming Chair
February 18 2017 ZQRacing

When looking at buying a gaming chair, there are a few important things you should consider. While you might be visually attracted to a certain chair because of the way it fits with the rest of your gaming setup, it might not be the best choice for your needs.

For hardcore gamers, in particular, it’s essential to have a chair that is ergonomically designed to provide support, because you’ll be sitting it in it for an extended amount of time. With studies showing that 70-90% of Australians suffer from chronic back pain – most commonly caused by poor posture – it’s just not worth the risk.

Here are some things you should consider before purchasing your gaming chair, and why.

1. Does it support my weight?

A chair that will support your full body weight and not crack under pressure is the first thing you’ll want to look out for. This means checking that the gas strut’s weight rating is suitable and that the wheelbase has been built using quality materials.

At ZQRacing, all of our chair bases are made using heavy-duty aluminium materials (including a unique tubular steel frame) to ensure maximum strength and complete stability. If you’re looking for even more strength, our Alien XL Series are designed to support up to 150 kg that’s 50 kg more than most regular chairs.

2. Is it the right height for me & my desk?

While it mightn’t seem it, height is an equally important factor in your chair decision. Since no human being is the same height, your chair needs to be able to be customised to suit a variety of heights.

Obviously, always make sure your chair is not too high for your desk. A good way to check this is to put your hand on your lap and lift your chair up so that it just brushes against the underside of your desk.

All ZQ Chairs have high-quality hydraulic units to allow smooth height adjustability.

3. Does it provide full body support/comfort?

Since you’ll most likely be sitting on it for long periods of time, it’s important to have the right amount of cush for your tush. This means looking into the quality and density of the materials used to make the body of the chair, as well as noting any extra, attachable cushioning.

ZQRacing chairs are made from premium PU leather and have high-density mould shaping foam to provide padding and support to your entire body so it’s comfortable now and into the future. Some of our chairs also come with adjustable neck and lumbar cushions too.

4. Does it allow me to move around without straining any part of my body?

One thing gamers, in particular, will understand, is how much movement is needed for gaming – especially if you’re someone who likes to fully immerse yourself in the game, feeling every shot and taking the brunt of every kill strike.

You’ll want a chair that will not bend or break no matter how far forward or back you lean, or how crazily you jolt around in it. Again, this will come down to the sturdiness of the wheelbase and strut, and the durability of the chair’s materials.

5. Does it have any additional features that will help me reach my peak gaming potential?

Extra quirky features are always a bonus when it comes to finding the best chair for you. Things like adjustable armrests, pop-out footrests or racking functions will take your level of comfort (and potentially gaming skills) up a notch.

6. Is it a super sleek colour/pattern/design?

And of course, we can’t forget about the physical aesthetic design of the chair. Whether you’re a fan of the simple yet sleek black, the pretty in pink, or the ultimate sporty design, ZQ Racing has a bundle of options for you.

With a wide range of quality built chairs available from ZQRacing there is a seriously good seat for every serious gamer! Check out the full range at and experience the difference for yourself.


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