Which Type of Gamer Are You?

Which Type of Gamer Are You?
February 28 2017 ZQRacing

Are you the type of gamer to hide out in your room and game on the down-low? Or do you prefer to take enjoyment from LAN parties and MMOs? Do you game every night without fail, or only occasionally when you need a break from the real world? Are you into sci-fi, sports, adventure, combat or role-play?

We delve into the array of different gamers out there. Read ahead to find out which type of gamer you are!

Note: this article is satirical and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Collector
– Buys every game as soon as it is released.
– Your games take up more space in your room than your bed and desk combined.
– You never shut up about aforementioned collection of games, and how it is bigger and better than everyone else’s.

The Sportsman
– Loves his/her sporting games.
– Hosts FIFA Fridays on the regular.
– Most commonly doesn’t play sports IRL, yet knows a lot about them from gaming.
– Constantly yells at the referee.

The Night Owl
– Games through the night.
– Always rocks up to uni/school/work looking like a zombie.
– Can’t live with non-gamer roommates (unless they are incredibly deep sleepers).
– Lives on coffee and redbull.

The Know-It-All
– Knows (read: thinks they know) everything about gaming, and shares said knowledge with everyone both online and IRL.
– You are always up to date with the latest gaming news.
– Always the first to tell mates when there’s a new game or console released.
– Goes to multiple midnight game launches a year.

The Exaggerator
– Always has a good tell-tale about their latest gaming feat.
– Caught searching high scores and alias usernames to impersonate.
– Has a killstrike count twice as big as yours.
– Loves trolling his/her friends on TeamSpeak or Skype.

The Ultimate Set-Up Gamer
– Has three different sized monitors.
– Swears by buying only the highest quality gaming equipment.
– Constantly brags about their super comfortable gaming chair and makes every visitor try it out.

The Sci-Fi Geek
– Loves a good space simulation.
– Still plays Star Wars: Dark Forces.
– Constantly comparing quality of graphics and dimensions.

The Closet Gamer
– Pretends to know nothing about gaming; hides set-up in bedroom cupboard.
– Always has a different excuse for not going out with their friends.
– Roommates are the only ones who know their true gaming secret.

The Unbeatable
– Somehow manages to win every game.
– Has the inside scoop on all the cheats and level busters.
– Possibly has secret robot that has been trained to play/win.

The Sore Loser
– Pretty self-explanatory… hates losing.
– Regularly found throwing controller on ground and muttering swear words.
– Spends a lot of time trying to reclaim their title/reputation.

The Leecher
– Doesn’t own a gaming setup, just stinges off gamer mates with multiple controllers.
– “Borrows” for extended periods of time.
– Always sends a text before LAN parties that reads “yo can someone bring me a spare monitor?”

Don’t feel like you fit into any of these categories, or have a suggestion for a new one? Let us know!

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